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Kerala Food

Kerala cuisine, Kerala Food, Spices of Kerala, Kerala specialties, Kerala dishes The way to a tourist’s heart is through his stomach, Kerala food proves it right. For international and North India tourists, the food delicacies of Kerala are to relish just like the backwaters. Kerala food is exceptional in many ways compared to other parts of India, all the cities and towns serve you the perfect Malayali cuisine. Dishes cooked with local ingredients are not only authentic but also healthy for a visitor who has change of water, oil, and ambience. Food in Kerala is cooked in coconut oil as the fruit is grown in plenty here. Banana and coconut are two main components of most of the culinary in traditional Kerala household.

Specialty of Kerala food
Kuttanad is known as the “Rice Bowl of India”, and thus the staple food of the Kerala is rice. Having a large Christian population, pancakes are also an important part of the meals cooked for festivities. The food in North of Kerala could vary from that of South in style and ingredient of cooking. In addition, many communities in the state have their traditional cuisines.

For the non-vegetarian meals, you have beef as the main dish. Arabian influence is preparation of biryani and fish. The Malabar coast of Kochi, Trivandrim, and Kovalam have enough of fresh fish supplies. In Alleppy too, you have the seafood of Kerala served in the restaurants.

Kerala food during wedding receptions varies from one community to another and the place. Places like Kottayam, a Christian centric zone has arikada, appam, rice, banana fry, and payasam

Kerala is noted for its variety of pancakes and steamed rice cakes made from pounded rice. Though the same ingredients are used all over the state, each of the communities has its own specialties.Muslims in Kattichara love the dish that has a goat stuffed with chicken and roasted for the guests.

The medley of pickles is an important part of the vegetarian meals for vegetarian parties. The rich harvest and the diversity in agricultural produce have left multiple choices of food with a tourist to Kerala. Dosa, uttapam, bada, idli, and sambar are the lip smacking dishes for breakfast.

Popular Kerala food
Kerala is called the “land of spices” and the typical Kerala food includes a large number of them. Check out some of the food and cuisines integral to the state’s diet.

  • Istew
  • Appam
  • Beef cutlets
  • Meen or fish preparations
  • Meen mulligattathu
  • Olathan erachi, form of chicken roast
  • Meen moilee, fish curry with coconut
  • Pattichathu, dry fish preparation
  • Thoren, vegetable preparation of cabbage, coconut, and green chilly
  • Avil, mae of pumpkin, potato, and drumstick
  • Olen
  • Kaalen
  • Pachadi
  • Rasam
  • Paayasam
  • Pachadi