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Quilon Tours

Tourist Attractions in Quilon

Quilon was an international emporium of trade and even now it is a prosperous commercial centre. Quilon edges with the famous Astamudi lake. Many a foreign traveller has visited Quilon in the early midieval period. Quilon was one of the early centres of Christian activity in Kerala. The popularity of Quilon has been established by the time-honoured proverb once you see Quilon, you will not need your home any more. Quilon has several tourist attractions.

The 144 ft. Thangassery Light house, built in 1902, is a centre of attraction in Quilon. The Ananda Valleeswaram Temple of Quilon attracts people on almost all days. There are several Churches and Mosques around Quilon. The Pullichira Church was established in 1700 A.D. One of the oldest and most important Mosques in Quilon is the Chinnakkada Palli. The Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering, the first of its king in the state, is at Kilikolloor, about 7 kms. east of Quilon town.

Mahatma Gandhi beach & park at Kochupilamoodu, Thirumullavaram beach and Ashramam picnic village, are some of the important spots of local sight seeing. Mahatma Gandhi beach lies just 2 kms. from Quilon. It is fascinating place for an evening. Thirumullavaram Beach is 5 kms. from Quilon. The sea here is ideal for swimming and bathing. Ashramam picnic village is located in the 48-acre Guest House Complex.

Quilon stands along Ashtamudi Lake and is a major attraction for its elegance and architectural beauty. Tourists can stay here at economical rates. The children's Traffic & Entertainment Park, designed by NATPAC, is also worth visiting in Quilon. It is the largest traffic park in Kerala. The Adventure Park, located in Quilon village along the shores of the Astamudi backwaters, is a novel experiment in the country. Different types of boats, including luxury cruise boats, powerboats and motorboats, are available on hire from the boat jetty near to the Adventure Park.

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